Corona Virus and Medicare

Covid19, otherwise known as Corona Virus, has hit, and unless you are over 200 years old (and still have a great memory…) you’ve never seen anything affect the world quite like this. It’s affecting every corner of the world, and unfortunately, folks over the age of 65 are at the most risk.

That said, as most folks are doing, the best thing you (or any of us) can do, is to stay put.  Stay at home. As much as possible.

The term “telehealth or telemedicine” are terms that a lot of people are inquiring about. Basically, it’s the ability to utilize current technology to video conference with a health provider with a computer, tablet or smartphone. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, you probably already have this, or some form of this, built into your plan, and it’s probably free. Some plans offer video consultations with a doctor, some have 800 number hotlines to speak with a registered nurse, and some plans offer both! In most plans, these options require no co-pay. For my clients, you can always call me to inquire about these features, but even easier, (and this is true for anyone, client or not) you can call the customer care number on the back of your card for specific details. It’s a GREAT feature! Use it!

Most of all, be safe. Be kind. Help someone if you can. And call me if you need help!


-Will Isaac


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